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~ We have been sourcing, processing and exporting the finest certified wild foraged kopi luwak coffees from Indonesia since 2010 ~

foraged collected & processed

These transformed beans found, noticeably more brittle, are carefully washed, dried on african beds and sorted..

The wild Luwak sniffs out only the very ripest coffee cherries, which it eats as part of its natural mixed diet. After chewing the fruity exterior of the coffee cherry, the Luwak swallows the bean whole. Enzymes within it’s stomach massage the beans, changing their overall protein structure. This process enhances the sweetness and brightness of the bean. By defecating he marks his territory and therefore often will come back to the same spot multiple times. The beans are passed undigested by the Luwaks and left for the farmers and collectors to find. These transformed beans, noticeably more fragile, are then carefully dried, washed and sorted. We worked together with World Animal Protection and UTZ Certified to take serious measures to ban the production of kopi luwak by caged luwak’s.

Please visit our Traceability section for more details. Wild Gayo Luwak will never collect coffee beans from farms where caged Luwak’s are caged and mistreated to produce fake Kopi Luwak. We believe in a sustainable way of collecting our wild animal coffee beans, preserving the natural habitat of the Luwak and original rare quality of the coffee bean.