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~ We have been sourcing, processing and exporting the finest certified wild foraged kopi luwak coffees from Indonesia since 2010 ~

Premium packed and freshly roasted kopi luwak coffee 

Our coffee is freshly roasted upon order date and packed in a coffee bag with ziplock and one way degassing valve to allow liberation of gases.

Roasted Wild Gayo Luwak coffee comes in special bags which have a one way degassing valve to allow the liberation of gases caused after the roasting process and does not permit the entering of air. The oxygen along with light and humidity are the main “enemies” of coffee. The bags also contain a ziplock to preserve maximum freshness of the coffee after opening. Green Wild Gayo Luwak comes in sealed bags also or can be packed on request, please contact for more information. Our Kopi Luwak coffee as a gourmet coffee is packed in whole beans because they keep the flavor and the aroma longer. However, you can order ground Kopi Luwak coffee as well. We make sure you get the finest Wild Kopi Luwak Arabica coffee, freshly roasted and delivered. Please make your ordere here: Webshop

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